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The Abominable Ash Cloud


On a nicely icy island

in the nasty north Atlanic,

a mountain blew it's top

and went manically volcanic.


It released into the atmosphere

a particular particulate,

a particular particulate

that was really quite rediculate.


Its most peculiar properties

meant that jet engines it stoppeties,

making flying rather trying

for the people on their holidies.


And once this stash of ash was splashed

about the upper stratosphere,

flights were stopped and airlines crashed

and said it didn't mattersphere.


“The planes can fly right through this cloud”,

they said with convincing conviction.

“That the engines will stop,

and the planes will drop,

is utter fantastical fiction.”


But planes were still banned,

and so over land,

people were forced to continue.

There were queues for the queues,

move and you lose,

and it took all the strength you had in you.


So taxis and trains

were replacements for planes

causing travellers much consternation.

But as a solution to airborne pollution,

it caused mental enviradulation.


Just when we thought we were cursed,

the cloud just dispersed,

but airlines were still close to crisis.

“We are close to extinction,

it took us to the brinktion,

we just have to put up our prices.”


As the volcano stopped fuming

and flights were resuming,

the mountain had gained its own legacy.

That prices are higher,

to stay in the skyer,

has assured this large legends longevity.