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The murmuring in the packed auditorium lessens as the lights dim. An expectant hush descends as the film begins...


Here’s some of the short films I’ve made.

THE HOUSEWIFE (2007) stars Jane Ledsom and Alison Steadman as a housewife trapped in a loveless marriage. 13 mins.

366 IN E11 (2010) is an edited timelapse of the view from my old kitchen window in Leytonstone shot over one year. 6 mins.

LOUDER THAN WORDS (2003) stars Ian Chivers as an obsessive reader who starts to get depressed when the things he reads reflect all the bad things that are going on in the world. So he decides to take action. My university graduation film, so don’t judge too harshly. 15 mins.

PAID(2014). Caught on CCTV, an attacked prostitute finds that sometimes the victim can become the victor. 3 mins.

NIGHT SHIFT (2015). On a night shift in a broadcast machine room, strange happenings suggest that the operator may not be as alone as he thought.