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The shed is cluttered with all kinds of musical elements, breakbeats lie on top of guitar licks, chords mingle with basslines. Paul takes a riff and attaches a loop to it with a screwdriver before placing it on a hook...


Introducing SHED, the new genre that isn’t really a genre. First conceived as just a name for my Periodic Table of Musical Genre’s (well, we have House and Garage, so why not Shed?), Shed is now defined as ‘a remix of a track using only audio elements from that track’. Simple! As you’re likely to be using other people’s commercial tracks as your source, this has to be strictly amateur (for the hobbyist remixer only). But any kind of audio manipulation is allowed so the tracks could be virtually unrecognisable if you’re a super-producer.

Here’s my Shed example track. A remix of Depeche Mode’s Fly On The Windscreen done as a friend’s birthday present. (Yes, it’s illegal, but I’ll replace it with a Shed mix of one of my own tracks when I get around to doing one).





Additionally there’s Shed Plus which is a remix of a track that also uses other people’s remixes as source materials, expanding the possibilities greatly.


DM - FOTW (sheekl's Shed Mix) by sheekl