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Paul, in mad professor garb, mixes two chemicals together, laughing maniacally as he does so...


I like to experiment and try new things, so here’s something about the musical genre I developed, Scrungeruble.

Invented by Steven Furnish, the word scrungeruble means to take something bad and turn it into something good, for instance changing a patch of waste ground into a park or garden. In line with this idea I have come up with a musical genre based on scrungeruble which involves the sampling of rubbish records (or horrible sounds) and turning them into good music. Obviously it is very subjective but it is also boundless. To qualify as a scrungeruble the following rules must apply.

1) You must genuinely feel that the original material (i.e. the scrunge) is bad. However it is up to you how far you take this concept as good sounds and production techniques can be used in bad records, so you could determine a whole album to be bad even though there may be some good elements, and use it as the basis of a scrungeruble.

2) Only found sounds may be used, nothing can be produced originally by synthesis or recorded especially.

That's all. Clearly things like scrungeruble have been done before for many years but the difference is that scrungeruble specifically requires that the original material is rubbish. Here’s a couple I’ve done based on samples from a super cheesy Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass record.

Dojuana Tijuana by sheekl
Sponglish by sheekl

The bit that sounds like a synth of some sort is actually a tiny click from the record looped, so I didn't cheat, so there.

So as you can see scrungeruble is a very individual art form, and a way to change bad things into good things. Today music, tomorrow the world.

Happy scrungerubling.