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The sun shines brightly as Paul sits on a bench and stares out at the verdant scenery. Suddenly an idea grips him and he takes out his notepad...


I’ve been writing poetry for years and I sometimes read them out at open mic’s too! Here’s a small selection.



Lovely Jubilee


This was commissioned by a friend to be about the Jubilee and it’s various ambiguities. And as an introduction to God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols at the party it premiered at.



A Poem about Words


This, unsurprisingly, is a poem about words. And how I like to torture them!



The Abominable Ash Cloud


This one’s about that ash cloud that stopped Europeans flying for a bit a few years ago.



Sandwiches Of Hate


Making all of the world’s problems into a sandwich then solving them with jam. A bit odd, but that’s the way I roll.