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Paul Sheeky, 40 - Short brown hair, geeky glasses, about 5’10”, 80kg - usually looks quite smart.

Paul is from an artistic background (his Dad was a hobbyist painter), and his youth flew by as he watched far too much TV and wrote and starred in mini James Bond films with his brother. Falling in love with electronic music in his teens, he started dabbling in the dark arts of synthesis. Still fascinated by drama, he started writing screenplays in his early twenties and also joined a local theatre group. After doing a bit of acting and discovering he had vision, he decided he wanted to be a film director and thus packed himself off to uni to expand his knowledge further.

Because of his audio background, he ended up doing a lot of sound and music on a lot of films, but was never really satisfied in that department. So after a few years of being a sound recordist, he gave that up and got a regular job as a VT Op to pay the bills while he looked for excuses not to write or make films in his spare time. Not finding any, he continued to make all sorts of things - he’s a creative dynamo that cannot be stopped!

As our story begins, he finds himself at a crossroads: he has a good job, but this won’t satisfy someone of his ambition. He feels he needs to take a big risk, put his comfort and safety on the line. He supposed to be a screenwriter, but he still hasn’t written his calling card script. Perhaps it’s time to put pen to paper...



Paul sits at his desk...