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Lovely Jubilee


A year of the Euro's,

defence and attack,

of Greek fires burning,

of field and of track.

But amidst this flaming, rainy

summer of sport,

a memory, by royal decree,

comes somehow drifting back to me.

I see carnival floats,

but these floats are boats

on the river to give 'er

a treat and deliver

a fantastic flotilla

for our good queenolizza

We forgot the recession

and produced a procession

of flag-waving ravery

and naval chicanery.

Elizabeth reigns

and so did the sky,

but the singers sang on

bringing tears to the eye.

Everyone swayed

to Britannia's beat,

“I'm humbled”, Liz mumbled

as she stayed on her feet.

But the question I ask

is should we celebrate

60 years of having

the same head of state,

so wait,

and contemplate,

was it not just fate

that gave her that estate?

An accident of birth,

not merit or worth?

This horrible hereditary

system keeps us sedentary

land stolen from the peasantary

helps to keep us very, very


but I'm quite sure,

before too long

there'll be a war

in which us poor

will have to fight

then we just might

decide it's right

for us to choose our figurehead.

But for now, Liz it is,

and she's been fine,

but we don't know who's

down the line.

Would you be happy with Harry?

Thrilled by Wills?

Does the thought of King Charlie

give you the chills?

So beware this heredity

and mind what it means

this supposed God-given

divine right of Queens.

As it wasn't God-gifted

it was all just a trick

and the people fell for it,

as back then they were think.

But now we know better,

the church no more a pillar.

The only God I know

is the one in Godzilla.

So we're left with the remnants

of a once proud royalty,

now a symbol of growing


They've hung onto their place

as the people have slumbered.

But one day we will rise,

then their days are numbered.

An anachronism

that belongs in the past.

Enjoy it for now

as it simply can't last.

So party and dance,

be merry and free,

and have a good time

this year of Jubilee.

In all likelihood

it won't be repeated

so make monarchly memories

that won't be deleted.

And think on our Liz,

the stories you can tell.

60 years of service,

a job done well.

And to her raise your glass

as she smiles and she waves,

because we love our Queen,

and God saves.