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Paul sits at his desk, twiddling the knobs of his synthesiser as weird, distorted noises emanate from the dusty speakers...


I’ve been writing electronic music for a fair while now, but I’ve put it on hold to concentrate on writing. However, here’s five of my best tunes. Go to my Soundcloud page for more.



Drawn_Going_To_London by sheekl

This track is from a film called Drawn which I scored a while ago. It features some pencil drawing sounds as a rhythmic element. To see the video that goes with it, go here.

The Joy of Tone by sheekl

And this was how I got the job scoring Drawn. The crew heard this in the car on the way up to Manchester to shoot the start of the film (I was sound recordist), and offered me the job. Not that it was paid or anything. This tune is made entirely from broadcast tone (a 1kHz sine wave) from my old SQN mixer.

Mango Flotsam (Metal Mix) by sheekl

One of my best breakbeat tunes. This is a remix of the first track from an album I was doing based on the Margaret Atwood novel, Oryx and Crake. Alas, it is yet to be completed.

Raffic by sheekl

Another breakbeat tune, featuring ‘vocals’ by William S. Burroughs.

Sp10tn1k by sheekl

Written for a Roland SH-101 quartet to commemorate an anniversary of Sputnik's first space flight. Should be playable live by 4 SH-101's. I logged the changes I made to the parameters, but haven't put them into the proper electronic classical scoring mode (see my Synthesizer Orchestra essay for details about this).